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    Easy way to buy a domain:
  • make an order.  On the website you should check whether the desirable domain name is available for registration, than you should proceed with registration, after the registration will be completed the order will be placed in your service control panel;
  • pay for the order in any available way.

To transfer the domain name from another Registrar to it is necessary:

  • contact the current domain name Registrar and submit an application for the transfer of the domain to Registrar "Open Contact" Ltd (the application form is set by the current Registrar);
  • register at (if not registered before);
  • notify us to with indication of the personal account number (provided upon the registration at

To change the domain administrator (owner) it is necessary:

  • new domain administrator has to register in service control panel at the website (if not registered before);
  • conclude the agreement on assignment (cession) of domain administration rights;
  • provide the application and a copy of the agreement for transfer rights for the domain name to another person;
  • send a scanned copy of the application from contact email of current domain owner to

The term of registration of the domain is one or two years.

Terms of registration of the domain are regulated by the rules of domain registration.

To delegate the domain name to DNS-servers it is necessary:

  • log in service control panel at the website;
  • open the Services tab, choose the necessary domain, click the link "Settings";
  • add or change information about DNS-servers.

If names of DNS-servers are derived from the Customer's domain name you should specify IP-address for each DNS-server.

Redirection (HTTP redirection) allows servers to redirect a client’s request to a different location.

To redirect the domain on the operating website:

  • log in service control panel at the website;
  • open the Services tab, choose the necessary domain, click the link "Settings";
  • click the link “Set a redirect to another website”;
  • enter the full name of the resource, which should be used for redirection.

The inserted information is saved in a zone of your domain.

The domain names that are excluded from the registry can be registered by the result of charity auction in accordance with the Instructions on the order of domain names registration.

The auction is conducted by the technical administrator of national domain zone at the website

Detailed information about domain name auction find at our website.

The auction of .BY, .БЕЛ domain names is the way to sale the domain names that are excluded from the registry. Detailed information find at our website.

Domain administrator – an individual or a legal entity who has registered a domain name and performs the domain administration.

In other words, the domain administrator - it’s the owner of a domain name.

The domain administrator defines an order of using of a domain; bears responsibility for a choice of a domain name, possible violations of the rights of the third parties connected with a choice and use of a domain name.

Public data of the domain administrator you can find using Whois service. Full information on the domain administrator can be provided only on demand of a court, law enforcement agencies and lawyer inquiry.

According to the rules of registration of .BY and .БЕЛ domains, the domain administrator, who is the individual, can hide the personal information in Whois service.

To contact the domain administrator you can use a feedback form at the website